d. chris scott


Chris paints, draws and uses collage within her joyfully raucous and slightly frenetic images. She has assembled a cast of characters representing human virtues and vices. Gently she investigates human nature in her imagery by considering the relationships of these characters and their characteristics to each other in her work.


June: This year the following three pieces were accepted for the Keene Artwalk, June 2nd through June 11th. Stop by and enjoy the fantastic Art and beautiful Keene, NH!

The Blue Bull, a Courageous Lion and a Blossoming Sunflower

The Red Bird, a Mistrustful Rabbit and a Crafty Fox 

The Purple Forest, a Content Bird and an Agitated Alligator 

February-March: Selections 2023. Chris was selected from the Newport LAC juried regional to participate along with six other regional artists!

Bison with Annoyingly Happy Birds

CFS Pony


Hippie Dippy Ganeesha


Darwin Fish No.1


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